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Petrobras and ANP in "The New Challenges of the pre-salt" Seminar

Petrobras presented the results of 1H11 highlighting the pre-salt

SBM and Petrobras - Letter of intent of the FPSO to the pre-salt area of Guara Norte

Update 1 - Harvest Natural Resources and Pan-Petroleum update on the pre-salt Gabon DRM-1

Petrobras will need, only to pre-salt, 94 Platforms and 68 Drilling Rigs

UPDATE 1 - Pre-Salt Brazil - BNDES creates a line to financing the supply chain of oil and gas

Production in the pre-salt areas and total production in Brazil - June 2011

Update 1 - Test confirms continuity of the accumulation of Guara in the Brazilian pre-salt

Petrobras plans to use new submarine technologies in the pre-salt from 2015

Petrobras gives great importance to exploration and production in the pre-salt

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